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Care and precision

made in germany
From the raw material to the finished part, CNC manufacturing technology, experienced metal processing, and a qualified team come together in our production. This combination ensures that manufacturing is done with care, precision and speed, while ensuring high quality and flexibility.

Zero tolerance

Numerous test and control stations integrated into the production running ensure our high quality standards.
  • Consistent quality controls
  • Dimensional accuracy due to modern measuring technology
  • Strict quality standards

Modern production

CNC machines, experienced metal processing and a qualified team meet together in our manufacturing sector.
  • CNC machinery
  • Process reliability
  • Repeatable, flexible small and large series production

Fine grinding

Final perfection of the surface structure and corrosion protection for a long service life.
  • Surface finishing
  • Surface treatment
  • Highest surface quality

Final assembly

In the last step, our specialists ensure that the manufactured products are correctly assembled, calibrated and stored.
  • Assembly
  • Calibration with special measuring tools
  • Final inspection / corrosion protection

Quality is not a coincidence